Recording Studio



Royal Riff Raff is a fully functional recording studio, equipped with the technology needed to get the job done. This includes a control room and live tracking room. In addition, Royal Riff Raff uses only the best in analog and digital technology with only first-rate plug-ins for tracking and mixing. They also have other gear that bands or musicians might need, including amps, musical gear, and music production equipment.  They also have space for live instruments like drum sets, guitars, and keyboards.  Royal Riff Riff recording studio has everything required for music production.  In addition to recording music, the recording studio also makes beats and offers assistance with music and song production.  Explore Riff Raff’s stellar reputation on your own by visiting their recording studio in Whittier, CA.     


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Royal Riff Raff Recording Studio | 11848 Washington Blvd Suite B Whittier, CA 90606 | Phone: (323) 376-7074